I specialize in lifestyle photography of individuals, families, children, friends and pets that reveal the personalities your family and friends love.


When shooting people, my approach is to capture your personality by letting you just be yourself; joking, playing, thinking, laughing, eating, running, reading or whatever your interest might be. My goal is to experience and connect with the 'real' you in a way that translates into photographs where your friends will look at them and say "that is so you!"

The same theory applies to pets. By allowing them to experience their surroundings in a natural manner, we can see their personalities shine through in the images. You should be able to look at a picture and identify with your pet's given expression, position or action; thinking to yourself "that is so him/her!"

Located in the Seattle area, I'm available to meet at most any location in the surrounding Puget Sound. Once we establish the style of the session requested, we'll determine the most fitting location and time.


I'm a father of a teen girl, with whom I spend as much time as I can...a challenge, as any parent of teens knows. They've reached that point in life where they're stretching their wings, trying to fly, get away from the nest, figuring out the sort of adult they'll become. While a great responsibility, it's also an honor to be her confidante (when she chooses to open up) and guide on her journey to becoming a grown woman.

Outside of fatherhood, my interests are varied: reading voraciously, hiking in the PNW, poker nights with my friends, listening to local [& non-local] bands in our small Seattle venues, discovering the work of local artists, watching a variety of TV shows, checking off home projects from my to-do list, putting my thoughts down on [electronic] paper, snowboarding on Cascade Concrete and monthly dinners with my family are some of the many things that keep me entertained and busy each day.

"The single most important component of a camera is the twelve inches behind it." ~ Ansel Adams

Pictures by the wonderfully talented Talitha Bullock.

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