Tristan and Godzilla

December 19th, 2014

My first commissioned session was a year and a half ago, in July of 2013, when a friend, Lacey, asked me to take pictures of her grandson, Tristan, for his first birthday. Yeah, no pressure, right. ;)

I'm a natural light photographer and knowing a thing or two about kids [wait a minute, double check…yep, I'm a parent], I suggested we meet at a nice park close to their home. That would give the little man plenty of room to run around, lots of stuff to keep his interest (and him smiling), while also giving me plenty of room to move around and capture him just being himself.

Tristan's parents, Krystalyn and Jeremy, are a sweet young couple and let me in on a secret as we got ready to start; speak the word "godzilla" and the little guy would light up. Sure enough, I don't how many times I said "godzilla" during our session, but it never failed to bring a smile to the little man's face.

He was such a character and a blast to hang out with at the park. Fortunately, they asked me back for his second birthday (a story for another time).


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